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Enable communication channels for the individuals that make your company great.

Social tools strengthen dynamic interactions and build fruitful connections.




No silos, just seamless collaboration.

A collaborative platform delivers more value than just applications alone.
1. HCL Connections: delivers a collaborative platform that keeps your employees connected and engaged. Connections helps create a personalized, well-designed, digital office with role-based content and tools to keep your teams focused on achieving business goals and objectives.

Connections focuses on how your employees actually work, not on tools and applications, and integrates seamlessly with existing applications to breakdown these silos.

Decades of experience delivering social solutions.

Alacrinet has a long history of experience with the full suite of HCL (and IBM) collaboration software. We have been working with clients implementing these solutions for decades.

Whether you are modernizing your current applications,  building new solutions - or in need of skilled IT staff to support your social software environment - Alacrinet has the expertise you need.

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