Secure and service all your endpoints

Endpoint Management

Gain full visibility into a diverse mix of endpoints.

Your endpoints can be the weakest link in your network environment - and it's hard to know every device that has access to your systems.

With modern endpoint management tools, you can identify vulnerabilities, detect and manage threats, apply patches, and maintain inventory from procurement to end of life.




Stop Threats in their tracks.

Gain visibility of all your network-connected devices.

The leading Endpoint Management solutions simplify patching and visibility of all you endpoints.
1. HCL BigFix: provides advanced attack detection, investigation and enterprise-wide remediation in a single platform. With BigFix you can have real-time visibility and control across endpoints - however they are connected - to see, understand and act on endpoint threats fast.
2. Tanium: an up and coming leader, provides an endpoint protection platform that offers 15-second visibility to secure, control and manage millions of endpoints across the enterprise. Tanium allows you to learn what is happening across your endpoints with plain english query.
3. Cisco AMP: for endpoints provides next generation endpoint security to detect, block, and remediate malware across endpoints. Continuously monitors file behavior to uncover stealth attacks and block and remediate threats that come through front line defenses.

Alacrinet's Analysis

We’ve evaluated the leading Endpoint Management providers and the key features of each.

We work with you to build, implement, manage, and run comprehensive, modern security and operation strategy  - without gaps.


Malware Detection

Cross platform

Tools Integration

Breadth of Protection

Unified Console

Complex Environment

Capabilities evaluation
Legend: The chart above reflects a compilation of 3rd party analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each solution.
Very Strong
Very Strong

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