Respond fast and effectively to cyber attacks.

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

The ability to respond to the incidents that break through is more critical than ever.

Even the most secure environments may not be able to protect from all breaches. SOAR goes above and beyond Incident Response platforms to focus more on automation & orchestration use cases, privacy, disaster recovery, and team management.

SOAR Platforms allow you to proactively manage security incidents - enabling you to respond to emerging threats with shortened response times - minimizing impact on your IT environment.




Proactively automate and orchestrate your response to incidents.

Minimize impact to your IT environment with the leading SOAR technologies that take inputs from a variety of sources and apply workflows aligned to processes and procedures.
1. IBM Resilient: is a battle-tested platform for complete orchestration and automation. IBM Resilient SOAR platform enables teams to integrate and align people, processes, and technologies into a single hub.  By quickly and easily integrating with your organization’s existing security and IT investments, it empowers security teams to analyze, respond to, and mitigate incidents faster, more intelligently, and more efficiently. It makes security alerts instantly actionable, provides valuable intelligence and incident context, and enables an adaptive response to complex cyber threats.
2. ServiceNow: helps you to eliminate service outages by identifying and resolving security incidents and vulnerabilities fast. ServiceNow Incident Management streamlines service restoration after an unplanned disruption. It uses machine learning to automate and route incidents properly - getting the issue to the right people for fast resolution. With ServiceNow you can track the progress of security incidents from initial analysis to containment, eradication, and recovery.

Ready to modernize your incident response?

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