With the increasing need for cybersecurity it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Work with an MSSP that understands your business and the information technology that supports it. Our team is focused on knowing the latest threats, preventing vulnerabilities, and providing value.

Managed Security Services

Your business, security environment, team, and priorities are unique to your company. We offer a range of service options to meet your specific needs and address key elements of securing your environment. For some, that means full 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting and response. For others, it’s taking care of administrative tasks and maintaining uptime. We work with your team to meet the service level you need.

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your security and meet compliance requirements with comprehensive penetration tests. We take a Grey Box approach to give our clients a thorough analysis with automated scans to test the strength of your credentials and manual testing by an expert.

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Vulnerability Assessments & Security Reporting

Different projects and compliance regulations requires different types of reports. We understand the intricacies of compliance reporting and have the skills and tools ready to assist your team.


NIST-CSF reporting provides in-depth analysis of your entire environment.


Pre-ISO and Pre-CMMC Audit Assistance to ensure compliance.


Vulnerability Assessments quickly identifies gaps with automated scans.

Solutions + Services

Most companies have already invested significantly in software solutions and want to stay in control of what’s used for their security. That’s why we continue to sell the leading security solutions for implementation on your network and offer additional services where people are needed.

Integrations & Customizations

We assemble great technology to create and integrate customized solutions.

Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, and Portal offer key solutions for your IT infrastructure. It’s critical for each solution work together and with the security tools you’ve invested in. With years of experience implementing the leading solutions, Alacrinet’s team of developers are ready to meet your most complex challenges.

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Professional Services & Skills

As the technology industry has evolved, from the early days of website design through personalization, mobile computing, Big Data analytics, and the Cloud, the Alacrinet team has developed their skills to always stay one step ahead.

With on-going training and certifications our team has extensive knowledge in areas such as Development (front end, server side, and mobile), Administration, Project Management, and UX & UI Design.

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