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Event Date:

March 28, 2024

Event Time:

Thursday March 28th @ 4pm

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The Run Down:

• Welcome & Introduction (Alacrinet)

• Introduction to the Davies Vineyard

• Unlocking Data Potential with Cribl

• Overview of Cribl, a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that gives you the flexibility to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data from any source to any destination within your existing data infrastructure.

• Mastering Initial Access and Ransomware Defense-Demystifying the complexities of cyber threats with Kela

• Davies Vineyards the Art of Winemaking

• Q&A Cribl, Kela and Davies Vineyards

Event Hosts & Speakers

Frederick Faust

Northeast Senior Account Executive

Frederick is highly adept at creating connections and collaborations with customers that ultimately lead to lasting trust. Through his in-depth understanding of customer's requirements alongside his knowledge of numerous security tools, Frederick caters to each individual need and guarantees the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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With twenty years of experience in IT and hardware sales, Frederick currently serves as Senior Account Executive for the Northeast at the Alacrinet. This territory covers the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Aside from managing client accounts, Frederick loves to spend quality time with family and friends, coach basketball and enjoys the beach in Cape May, NJ during the summer.

Hector Monsegur

Senior Director of Cyber Risk Services, Alacrinet

Hector Monsegur is a former blackhat with experience as a security researcher and the security industry spanning 20 years. Known for his controversial hacks of federal contractors and government entities, he was given a chance to reform and helped the U.S. government prevent over 300 cyber attacks. Formerly known as "Sabu" he participated in hacktivist operations alongside Anonymous and LulzSec where he coordinated with other blackhats to compromise key targets in fast-paced attacks around the world.

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Since then, he has reformed and entered the security industry as a professional, helping thousands of clients with their penetration testing and social engineering needs, as well as sharing his experiences and knowledge in private events, such clients including AT&T, Humana, JPMorgan, and others.

Cam Borgal

Sr. Solutions Engineer - Cribl

Cam Borgal is a Solutions Engineer with 10 years of experience in data engineering. At Cribl, Cam helps organizations solve challenges with data growth and complexity. His years as a Splunk consultant provides a strong technical background, while his experience as a security advisor allows Cam to focus on business outcomes and risk. When not tackling data challenges, you can find Cam and his wife on the pickleball court.

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Dan Urman

Senior Sales Engineer at Kela

Dan Urman, KELA’s North American Director of Sales Engineers has served over 11 years as an Intelligence Analyst, Team Lead, and HUMINT Targeting Officer exclusively within the US Army Special Operation Community. Dan has led numerous Intelligence and Targeting teams during 8 combat deployments to Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Syria, and Uzbekistan. Dan specializes in Intelligence Targeting and Collection, while owning daily tactical-, operational-, theatre-, and congressional-level brief production, focused on identifying and disseminating critical intelligence for specified audience consumption. Dan keeps busy chasing his 3 year old twins.

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Hugh Davies

Vineyard Owner/Vinter

Davies Vineyards and Schramsberg Vineyards Named President of Schramsberg Vineyards in 2005, Hugh had already spent multiple years as the winemaker and general manager of the winery. He has lived and breathed the winery life since he first walked the vineyards as a toddler. As a young man he ventured away from home to broaden his experiences, earning a Master’s Degree in Enology from the University of California, Davis.Hugh was instrumental in the decision to replant the historic hillside vineyards to Bordeaux varietals. They are utilized by the Schramsberg winemaking team to make J. Davies Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that has received both public and critical acclaim since its first release in 2004. Continuing on a path that started 50 years ago, Hugh carries on with the family legacy, living on the Schramsberg property with his lovely wife Monique and their three sons.

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