Managed Security Services

We take a vendor agnostic approach and customize our services to your business needs. With 3 tiers of service to handle anything from logging & configuration to response & remediation, whether fully managed or co-managed, our team of experts are ready to enhance your security posture. We’ve highlighted below the most-requested security services to start the conversation and address your needs.

Key Benefits of MSS

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Percent of IT professionals are interested in using or already using the facilities of managed security services.

Source: Cyber Defense Magazine “Cyber-attacks thrive the market for Managed Security Services” May 24, 2019

Top Services

Managed FirewallManaged SIEMManaged Endpoint

Managed Firewall

Learn more about the leading Network Firewall solutions

The firewall is the frontline of your network’s defense. Beyond keeping it patched and up-to-date to stop vulnerabilities as they’re identified, Alacrinet’s team of analysts provide reporting and analysis of your network to ensure your organization is informed and in control.

Managed SIEM

Learn more about the leading SIEM solutions

Managed Endpoint

Ensuring all devices that connect to your network are patched and meet policy guidelines involves continuous monitoring and action. We work with endpoint security solutions like CarbonBlack and CrowdStrike as well as endpoint management solutions like BigFix and SCCM.

Learn more about the leading Endpoint solutions

Implementing the leading SIEM solutions makes it possible to view logs of all activity on your network and respond quickly to high-profile events. However, analysts still need to take action to review and resolve each incident.By outsourcing these tasks you can augment your team and gain expertise needed to continually tune your SIEM for optimal performance.

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