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Thank you for your interest in this event.

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**Due to overwhelming support for this event, we have had to adjust the gift you will receive to ensure everyone gets to enjoy a drink. We will be sending out one full size bottle of Garrison Brothers and a collectable glass to enjoy the drink in!

Welcome to the virtual realm of cybersecurity excellence as we present to you "Boots and Bourbon featuring Garrison Brothers Distillery"!

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey where cutting-edge cybersecurity technology meets the rich flavors of Garrison Brothers bourbon. With a lineup of renowned experts in the cybersecurity field, this event promises to deliver enlightening discussions, innovative solutions, and a taste of the finest bourbon, all from the comfort of your own screen.

During this virtual event, we will send you two of Garrison Bothers best Whiskey to enjoy while we go over security Patching, better understand the dark web and the use of AI in security can help secure your cybersecurity posture. We will also go over cloud security and ensuring you have the right security team.

Once you are registered (form below), we will ship you 1 full sized bottle of Garrison Brothers Small Batch Whiskey and a collectable glass to enjoy during the virtual event.

The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing and staying on top of the latest solutions and features is critical. We invite you to join this virtual event to learn more about the latest features of industry-leading solutions and hear from IT security experts on the latest trends in our industry.

At Alacrinet, we host exclusive events like this Tasting and Cybersecurity Summit to help keep you informed of the latest trends in IT security as well as get to know you and your security goals. We would love to meet you in person, if you are able to, so we thought we'd create a unique in person and virtual happy hour that combines great drinks and IT security.

Since this isn't your average webinar, you'll meet the drink makers and hear about their process, get tasting notes, and be able to ask questions during the call.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Introduction to the Garrison Brothers Distillary
  • Driving Digital Transformation with HCL Software
  • Unleashing the Power of Cyber Threat Intelligence with cybersixgill.
  • Exploring Versa Networks' Secure and Scalable SD-WAN Solutions
  • See whats hiding in the shadows with the famous hacker, Sabu
  • Q&A
  • Discussion with Whiskey Distillary

Event Date:

June 15, 2023

Event Time:

4:00 PM CST

Event Location:

Zoom link to be added before event

Event Sponsors

Alacrinet Logo

Event Hosts & Speakers

Hector Monsegur

Director of Research, Alacrinet

Hector Monsegur is a former blackhat with experience as a security researcher and the security industry spanning 20 years. Known for his controversial hacks of federal contractors and government entities, he was given a chance to reform and helped the U.S. government prevent over 300 cyber attacks. Formerly known as "Sabu" he participated in hacktivist operations alongside Anonymous and LulzSec where he coordinated with other blackhats to compromise key targets in fast-paced attacks around the world.

Brent Wolfe

Regional Sales Director, North America at HCL Technologies

Michael-Angelo Zummo

NA Intelligence Manager at Cybersixgill

US Marine Corps veteran that started his career as a cryptologic linguist and intelligence analyst. He served at the NSA (National Security Agency) where he supported national security efforts against foreign threats. Zummo earned his Masters in Cybercrime Investigations and Cybersecurity from Boston University, where he transitioned from national security to digital forensics, cyber threat intelligence, and law enforcement.

Alex Cameron

Channel Sales Engineer

Alex Cameron is a Channel Sales Engineer at Versa Networks with over 20 years of experience in information technology. Alex lives by our Headquarters in Santa Clara supporting many of our North American partners with training, labs, demonstrations, and anything that improves their technical ability to discuss and sell Versa.

Kyle Sullivan

Sr. Client Executive, Alacrinet

As a senior sales executive at Alacrinet, Kyle is passionate about client relations and focused on enhancing our buyer's experience. Since joining the team at Alacrinet, Kyle has focused on driving value to clients and ensuring sound security solutions.

Want to learn more about Alacrinet? No problem.


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Boots and Bourbon
June 15, 2023
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