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What to Expect

At Alacrinet, we host exclusive events to help keep you informed of the latest IT Security trends, as well as to get to know you and your company's Security goals.

You will here from IBM and Alacrinet's Cyber Risk Services department addressing some of the most pressing and complex cybersecurity challenges that enterprises face today:

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  • Welcome & Introduction
  • A proactive approach to Ransomware
  • The evolution of database security and key encryption management
  • Best practices to manage your attack surface
  • How to mitigate internal risk in the evolving threat landscape 
  • Roundtable Q&A

Event Date:

March 9, 2023

Event Time:

4:00 EST

Event Location:

Zoom Meeting

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4:00 - Welcome & Introduction

4:10 - Introduction to Papa's Pilar Rum Co. and Ernest Hemingway's Legacy

4:15 - A proactive approach to Ransomware

4:30 - Best practices to manage your attack surface

4:45 - How to mitigate internal risk in the evolving threat landscape 

5:00 - The evolution of database security and key encryption management

5:15 - Roundtable Q&A

Event Hosts & Speakers

Hector Monsegur

Director of Research, Alacrinet

Hector Monsegur is a former blackhat with experience as a security researcher and the security industry spanning 20 years. Known for his controversial hacks of federal contractors and government entities, he was given a chance to reform and helped the U.S. government prevent over 300 cyber attacks. Formerly known as "Sabu" he participated in hacktivist operations alongside Anonymous and LulzSec where he coordinated with other blackhats to compromise key targets in fast-paced attacks around the world.

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Since then, he has reformed and entered the security industry as a professional, helping thousands of clients with their penetration testing and social engineering needs, as well as sharing his experiences and knowledge in private events, such clients including AT&T, Humana, JPMorgan, and others.

David Kivett

Threat Management Domain Expert - IBM

Laser focused on leading a team that provides value added business solutions to enterprises. Exceptional ability to communicate technical concepts between key stakeholders: executives, engineers, and technologists in an organization. Actively engages clients in technology planning to reduce risk, enhance workflow, increase efficiency, and promote best practices for compliance and regulatory mandates as it pertains to cybersecurity.

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Heading up discussions and projects around the premier Security Threat Management platform, Brendan has a deep knowledge around SIEM, SOAR, Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, and Federated Searching. Helping customers across industry protect their confidential data and intellectual property, bolster their Cyber Defenses, and build out their Security Operations Centers. Providing timely information and a consultative business approach to his clients to assist them with their business challenges. Brendan's goal is to assist clients in meeting their project and personal/professional goals.

Jake Merenda

Mid-Atlantic Account Executive

A client executive at Alacrinet Consulting Services based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I work throughout the mid-atlantic to help organizations reach their security goals. Alacrinet is a full security VAR providing Risk assessments to security solutions and managed services, we aim to be your one stop shop for all things security.

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Mike Stone

Senior Solutions Engineer

Michael Stone is a Senior Solutions Engineer and joined Automox in 2021. His passion is helping organizations reduce their potential attack surfaces begin with a simple philosophy: Start by Locking the Front Door! Michael has focused on the field of cyber security with a focus on endpoint management for over 15 years with a number of industry-leading companies including HCL, IBM, and Trend Micro. Michael has also held senior positions at Cisco, Proofpoint, and Oracle.

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Security and Spirits from Key West, March 9, 2023


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