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What to Expect

Did you know that 4%-5% of your employees will give up their credentials even after they've been trained on security protocols?

Join our virtual roundtable discussion to learn how threat intelligence and red teaming can help you mitigate damage, including compromised credentials.


  • How do Blackhats choose their targets?
  • What steps can a CISO take to mitigate adversarial threats?
  • What are the benefits of a Red Team vs Blue Team cyber drill?
  • Introduction to Paradise Springs Winery and wine tasting

But since this is a Happy Hour and not your average webinar, you'll receive two bottles of Paradise Springs wine, hear about their bi-coastal winery (CA + VA), get tasting notes, and be able to ask questions during the call.

Once you register (below), we will ship you two bottles of Paradise Springs wines to enjoy during the Happy Hour event.

Event Date:

July 22, 2021

Event Time:

4:30 pm EDT

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Event Hosts & Speakers

Hector Monsegur

Security Researcher and Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Instructor, Author (soon!)

Hector Monsegur is a former blackhat with experience as a security researcher and the security industry spanning 20 years. Known for his controversial hacks of federal contractors and government entities, he was given a chance to reform and helped the U.S. government prevent over 300 cyber attacks. Formerly known as "Sabu" he participated in hacktivist operations alongside Anonymous and LulzSec where he coordinated with other blackhats to compromise key targets in fast-paced attacks around the world.

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Full Biography

Since then, he has reformed and entered the security industry as a professional, helping thousands of clients with their penetration testing and social engineering needs, as well as sharing his experiences and knowledge in private events, such clients including AT&T, Humana, JPMorgan, and others.

Chris Camacho

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Flashpoint

Chris Camacho leads Flashpoint's sales and client engagement & development teams, which include customer success, solution architecture, business development, strategic integrations, and the FPCollab sharing community. With over 15 years of cybersecurity leadership experience, he has spearheaded initiatives across Operational Strategy, Incident Response, Threat Management, and Security Operations to ensure cyber risk postures align with business goals. Most recently as a Senior Vice President of Information Security at Bank of America, Mr. Camacho was responsible for overseeing the Threat Management Program.

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Full Biography

An entrepreneur, Mr. Camacho also serves as CEO for NinjaJobs: a career-matching community for elite cybersecurity talent. He has a BS in Decision Sciences & Management of Information Systems from George Mason University.

Joseph Zacher

Global Application Security Channel Leader at HCL Software

Joe is the Global Application Security Channel Leader for HCL AppScan. HCL AppScan is an industry leader in the Application Security space that is leading the way into the next generation of Application Security testing solutions. Joe is responsible for global MSPs/SIs, partners and business development in the Channels.

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Full Biography

Joe has over 25 years of working in the technology industry from startups to multinational companies.  Prior to HCL Joe was part of the IBM Security Division for 7 years with the last 3 tied specifically to AppScan.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Kansas School of Engineering.

A.J. Nash

Sr. Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy at Anomali

A.J. Nash is the Sr. Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy for Anomali. As a cyber intelligence strategist and public speaker, he is primarily focused on building cyber intelligence programs that capitalize on disparate data and information to create and deliver tactical, operational, and strategic intelligence to protect personnel, facilities, data, and information systems. A.J. honed his skills across 18 years of military service and defense contracting, serving in roles focused on intelligence collection, analysis, reporting, and briefing.


Full Biography

His career included near real-time intelligence collection and reporting in support of combat operations in multiple areas of operations (AORs), indications and warning (I&W), tracking war criminals, battling human trafficking, countering improvised explosive device (IED) production and deployment, and combating nation-state, criminal, and hacktivist threats in cyberspace. A.J.’s work has been delivered to military and government decision-makers, including intelligence agency Senior Executives and Directors, the U.S. Secretary of State, Congress, and the White House. A.J. holds a B.S.in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College and an M.A in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Mike Pena

VP of Pentesting Services

Mike’s experience in cyber security includes consulting work with local, state, and federal agencies. Mike has consulted in various cyber security capacities for police departments, correctional facilities, and private security details over the course of his career. Additionally, Mike’s clientele in the private sector include Fortune 500 companies and represent industries such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, e-commerce, industrial chemicals, and agriculture.


Full Biography

Mike began his career as an equity trader and worked in the financial services industry for almost a decade.  He held executive positions at several VC backed SaaS companies including AutoRef, Inc. Circe Software, and Themis Technologies.  

Mike holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics with an emphasis in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Mike is a national scholar of the acclaimed Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans which includes members such as; Condoleezza Rice, Michael Bloomberg, and Howard Schultz.  Mike is an alumnus of Pittsburgh’s Alpha Lab Incubator class of 2013. His life and career was featured in a documentary by The Kauffman Foundation and in several publications including; U.S. News & World Report, TechCrunch, Los Angeles Business Journal, and The Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch.

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Ethical Hacking Happy Hour, June 24, 2021


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