Cyber Wonderland: Meow Wolf Madness at Black Hat

During Black Hat week, come join Alacrinet and SentinelOne for an unforgettable night at Meow Wolf's Omega Mart inside AREA15!


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What to Expect

Dive into a surreal world of art and mystery while networking with industry peers. Enjoy exclusive access to this immersive experience, complete with interactive exhibits, delicious refreshments, and engaging conversations. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore Omega Mart's bizarre aisles and secret passageways while connecting with experts in the field. See you there!

Explore “America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store” and more at Meow Wolf’s second permanent exhibition, the unpredictably mind-scrambling, perspective-shifting Omega Mart. Get lost in (and beyond) aisles of whimsical products as this irresistible story of a family-store-turned-supermarket unfurls into mega-impactful art. Every door or box of cereal at Omega Mart is a potential entryway into new worlds and artful revelations, while breathtaking installations from local and international artists offer enchanting spaces to wander. It's a must-see immersive art experience for all ages. Watch out for exceptional customers, difficult spills, and not-so-secret bars!

PLEASE NOTE: Meow Wolf does not allow re-entry once anyone has exited the exhibit.

They also have a strict no bags policy, anything larger than 8”x8” will not be permitted in.

Event Date:

August 6, 2024

Event Time:

9:00PM - 11:00PM PDT

Event Place:

Meow Wolf - Omega Mart

Inside the AREA15 Complex

3215 S Rancho Dr., #100 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Event Sponsors

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Event Host

Daniel Duhaime

Vice President of Sales, Alacrinet

As Vice President of Sales, Daniel oversees daily sales activity, meets with major clients, draws up sales reports, designs new and more effective sales strategies, and works to market and promote Alacrinet product offerings and services.

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Full Biography

Daniel Duhaime is a high-energy Sales Executive who recognizes opportunities and turns leads into long-lasting partnerships. With his extensive product knowledge and understanding of industry trends, Daniel works directly with clients and prospects, understands their individual needs, and recommends products or services that maximize value. Daniel is a skilled communicator and presenter who can find the best fit between client and product. Daniel is well organized, passionate about client relations, and focused on enhancing the buyer experience.

Sean Williams

Client Executive, Alacrinet

Sean hosts dynamic in-person cybersecurity events, such as the Nobu Security Leader Group, and engaging quarterly webinars known as "Sipinars." He provides these initiatives to all his customers and prospects, assisting them in growth and ensuring they stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Full Biography

Sean is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 7 years of experience in the field. Specializing in building strong relationships, Sean excels at fostering long-term client retention and satisfaction. By keenly understanding enterprise clients’ needs and the intricacies of various security solutions, Sean swiftly adapts to each client request, ensuring that Alacrinet consistently exceeds expectations

Kyle Sullivan

Sr. Client Executive, Alacrinet

As a senior sales executive at Alacrinet, Kyle is passionate about client relations and focused on enhancing our buyer's experience. Since joining the team at Alacrinet, Kyle has focused on driving value to clients and ensuring sound security solutions.

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Full Biography

Kyle has excellent experience in security and cloud migration through his time at NetSuite and Oracle. As an Eagle Scout, Kyle learned to always be prepared.

Hobbies include: camping, surfing, skiing, and anything outdoors!

Full Biography

Full Biography

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Cyber Wonderland: Meow Wolf Madness at Black Hat


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