Alacrinet Poised to be Premier HCL Business Partner


Bringing years of experience implementing BigFix endpoint management solution, Alacrinet welcomes the reinvigorated investment and vision by HCL Technologies.


Palo Alto, CA. – (July 16, 2019) Alacrinet is looking forward to the reinvigorated investment in the BigFix endpoint management platform by HCL Technologies, which completed its acquisition of the business on June 30, 2019. With years of experience implementing BigFix with IBM, and strong relationships with the HCL BigFix team, Alacrinet is poised to become a premier HCL partner.

“Our clients have already seen improvements to the BigFix platform since HCL took over the development and support of BigFix in 2017 and will now they will get the full benefit of HCL’s commitment with more enhancements, user groups, and master classes,” said Daniel Duhaime, VP of sales at Alacrinet

The Alacrinet team has been working with BigFix since 2010 and has implemented their endpoint management solution with dozens of enterprise clients covering hundreds of thousands of endpoints. According to Daniel Duhaime, “we work with each client to understand their network and business challenges to recommend the appropriate solutions. BigFix is consistently recognized among our enterprise clients for its ease of use and effectiveness for managing endpoints.”

Alacrinet hosts several Security Summits across the country to inform clients of the latest trends and products in IT security. With guest speakers like Mark Phinick, VP of BigFixSales and Support at HCL, Alacrinet provides continuity during transition periods and ensures that clients have the information needed for a strong security posture.

About Alacrinet

Alacrinet is a Palo Alto-based nationwide Security and IT consulting firm focused on delivering best-in-class solutions in all areas of IT solutions.

As Digital Curators, the Alacrinet team listens to clients and to leading industry analysts to ensure we are delivering solutions using the best technologies in the market. We take the time to sort through the ever-evolving resources and services available before choosing the most fitting and effective tools for our customers.

As the technology industry has evolved, from the early days of website design through personalization, mobile computing, analytics, Big Data, and the Cloud, the Alacrinet team has developed their skills to always stay one step ahead. With the increasing need for cybersecurity, our team of highly trained experts are prepared to help clients find the right solution in SIEM, Endpoint Management and Endpoint Security, Data Security andApplication Security, CASB, Network Firewall, Vulnerability Scanning, Incident Response,Web Fraud Detection, Identity Access Management and Single Sign-On, Mobile DeviceManagement, Network Access Control, and Network Infrastructure.

About HCL Software

HCL Software is a division of HCL Technologies that develops and delivers a next-generation portfolio of enterprise-grade software-based offerings with flexible consumption models, spanning traditional on-premises software, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and bundled managed services. We bring speed, insights and innovations (big and small) to create value for our customers. To learn more about HCL BigFix,

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