Protect Your Data from Creation to Deletion

Security First's DataKeep is a new access, encryption, key management and monitoring solution that was built from the ground up using APIs and open standards for ease of orchestration and integration with existing SIEM, HSM and data discovery tools.

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DataKeep is the next generation of truly secure data-centric protection for organizations looking to protect their digital assets. DataKeep allows you to manage data protection across the globe in multiple languages, with an easy-to-use, agent-based deployment model that protects data-at-rest on servers running Linux, Windows or AIX, Linux Network File Systems and S3 object storage.

DataKeep Architecture

DataKeep Architecture

Key Benefits

SIEM Focused

Data Protection without disrupting your IT department

  • Easy to install, integrate, and operate with minimal performance impact.
  • Policy-based access management
  • Key lifecycle management
  • Data access monitoring
SIEM Focused

Secure – multiple security features in a single product

  • Integrated encryption, policy, logging and key management
  • Data access is “deny by default” with role-based and privileged assess management
  • Multi-layer key management – maintain local control of keys
  • AES-256 encryption, certified FIPS 140-2
SIEM Focused

Flexible – easily integrates into your environment

  • Protects files or volumes, Linux, Windows, AIX, NFS
  • On-Prem or Cloud –private, public or hybrid
  • Works with your SIEM and other security systems
  • APIs and open standards for automation/orchestration

Business Efficiencies

Save time, staff, and budgetary resources through simplified, scalable and affordable data protection that supports all cloud and data center environments, including those across new or existing multi-cloud architectures. Since DataKeep is agile and easy to use, it can scale to easily protect large enterprise environments including those deployed across existing or new multi-cloud architectures.

Security Features for Compliance

DataKeep protects critical data that is often overlooked and helps you meet your compliance regulation requirements.
By addressing the most stringent compliance requirements related to the data itself with built-in access processes, cryptographic policy enforcement, data destruction, access auditing and integrated key management, DataKeep enables organizations to avoid hefty fines and detrimental impacts on their brand and reputation.

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